"Believe" Charm Bracelet and Necklace SET
"Believe" Charm Silverplated Bracelet
"Believe" Charm Silverplated Necklace
"Believe" Fairy Dust Locket
2-Strand "Believe" Bracelet with Glitter Bottle
2-Strand "Believe" Bracelet with Silver Heart
B fab! Teen Leave In Conditioner - 4 oz.
B fab! Teen Leave In Conditioner - 8 oz.
Bath and Body
BELIEVE Memory Locket Treasure Necklace
Birthday Cake Sugar Scrub Sundae
Blue Glitter Bottle
Blue Glitter Pot
Butterfly Bracelet and Necklace SET
BUTTERFLY Memory Locket Treasure Necklace
Butterfly Silverplated Bracelet
Butterfly Silverplated Necklace
Candy Kisses Sugar Scrub by the Pint
Dream Dust
Fairy Cute Super Detangler
Fairy Dust Bath Fizzies
Fairy Dust Lip Balm 3-Pack
Fairy Kisses Lip Balm Make-Your-Own Fun Pack
Fairy Magic Glitter Card
FAIRY Memory Locket Treasure Necklace
Fairy Sweet Body Mist
Fairy Sweet Glitter Gloss
Fairy Sweet Glitter Gloss Three-Pack Gift Set
Fairy Sweet Strawberry Shimmering Body Lotion
Fairy Tale Glitter Card
Fairy Wings Glitter Bottle
Glitter Gifts
Glitter Heart Silverplated Bracelet
Glitter Lotions
Hair Care for Girls
HEART Memory Locket Treasure Necklace
Lab Goo Bath Gel
Lab Goo Lip Balm 3-Pack
Lip Gloss
Mad Quarium Hand Sanitizer
MadQuarium Lip Balm 3-Pack
Magical Glitter Two-Pack
Mermaid Sparkle Bracelet
Mermaid Sparkle Glitter Gloss
Mermaid Sparkle Necklace
Mermaid's Sparkle Shimmering Sea Glitter Shower Gel
Mermaid's Sparkle Shimmering Sea Hand and Body Lotion
METALLIC Lucky Gypsy Bangle Bracelet
PASTEL Lucky Gypsy Bangle Bracelet
Pink Fairy Bracelet and Necklace SET
Pink Fairy Silverplated Bracelet
Pink Fairy Silverplated Necklace
Pink Sugar Body Mist
Pink Sugar Shimmer Lotion
Pocket Magic Dust - Pink
Rhinestone Heart Bracelet and Necklace SET
Rhinestone Heart Silverplated Bracelet
Rhinestone Heart Silverplated Necklace
Shark Cage Bath Goo
SHIMMER Cosmetics
Shimmer Shake Glitter Lotion
Silk and Shine Pink Detangler
Strawberry Cupcake Sugar Scrub Sundae
Strawberry Shimmer Puff
Strawberry Sugar Scrub by the Pint
Strawberry Sugar Scrub Sundae Make-Your-Own Fun Pack
Sugar Scrub Sundae 6-Pack
Teens and Tweens
Tooth Fairy Kit
Trio Glitter Gift Set
White Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Scrub by the Pint
WOODEN EYE Lucky Gypsy Bangle Bracelet

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